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Visionary Mentorship: Driven to Lead

Based on decades of business ownership and community involvement, Scott Fischer encourages others to reach their full potential by thinking differently. He imparts his expertise with organizational leaders, providing personal mentorship and generating multi-media content that is aimed at creating healthy organizations that make a significant impact, elevating the communities in which they prosper.
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A podcast personally hosted by Scott, Conversations allows this visionary entrepreneur to interview a variety of guests on topics aimed at helping and inspiring leaders to elevate their organizations and give back to their communities. Scott also has a blog and newsletter designed to reach leaders with valuable insights and lessons to help their organizations succeed.

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As a recognized business and community leader, Scott dedicates time to sharing his extensive business expertise, inspiring and mentoring other leaders, challenging them to think differently, and bringing about organizational health through one-on-one mentoring.

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STRATEGIC INITIATIVES – Driven to make an impact, Scott is developing strategic initiatives to bring together and mobilize business and non-profit leaders in ways that enrich lives and elevate the entire community.

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Conversations with Scott Fischer

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Whether you’re searching for pragmatic advice and insight into all kinds of business topics, or you need inspiration from an entrepreneur visionary, Scott’s uplifting podcasts on entrepreneurial leadership will fuel your success!