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Scott Fischer’s Story: Passion in Motion

Scott Fischer’s story is one of passion in motion. His heartfelt desire to enrich lives is evident throughout his career as a business leader, and it is the impetus for his philanthropic giving and personal mentorship. As a kid growing up in Columbus, Ohio, his competitive nature led him to excel as an Enduro motorcycle racer. At age 15, he got his first job at a motorcycle store, and the rest is history. His business, Scott Fischer Enterprises, has been buying, selling, founding and managing motorsports dealerships ever since.

Scott Fischer stands next to a motorcycle in a showroom filled with various motorcycles, reflecting his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for mentorship.
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Scott’s Origins in Business Leadership

Scott relocated to Fort Myers, Florida in 1999, but he and his leadership team have overseen hundreds of staff over seven states. They have centralized and decentralized operations, and their businesses have succeeded in boom times and recessions. These are the experiences that honed Scott’s business expertise and primed him to become an entrepreneurial visionary.
A group of children and adults stand outside, holding a large check for $8,000 labeled "The Intermark Group." They are smiling in front of a school-like building, celebrating the spirit of philanthropy.

Scott’s Dedication to Philanthropic Giving

Scott has always been a staunch believer in giving back to the communities where you prosper. In fact, his personal fulfillment comes from inspiring other leaders to give back, and it is one of his key messages to the organizational leaders who turn to him for mentorship. Today, he models the philanthropic mindset he preaches by giving generously through Scott Fischer Charities and the Fischer Family Foundation.

Scott Fischer kneels, attaching a cutout blue handprint to a wall decorated with colorful handprints, symbolizing the impact of philanthropy.

Scott’s Leadership as a Business Mentor

Finally, Scott’s heartfelt compassion is what drives him to enrich people’s lives through visionary mentorship, as well as entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Because he has a heart for people, Scott is naturally driven to guide and encourage fellow leaders through the decisions that will make or break their organization. He loves helping them plan with confidence and setting them up for success and he provides his mentorship out of the goodness of his heart with a deeply rooted sense of purpose.